Hughes to provide satellite broadband services to EPA for radiation monitoring


Hughes Network Systems, a leading provider of broadband satellite solutions and services, has been awarded with a contract from Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to supply satellite broadband services for the agency’s RadNet Program. Under this agreement, Hughes will be providing 12 months of satellite broadband services to 50 sites.

Included in the Hughes solution are the HN9000 broadband satellite terminal and a dedicated Access Gateway, supporting expansion and possible conversion into a private network. Maryland-based Hughes Network Systems will install and deliver satellite broadband services at up to five RadNet locations every month.

“By providing a dedicated Access Gateway at the Hughes Network Operations Center in Germantown, MD, EPA will have improved manageability and visibility into the network about its health, and be able to operate their sites like a private network,” Hughes Assistant Vice President of Government Solutions Tony Bardo said in a statement. “We’re excited to begin work on this contract with our first order.”

EPA’s RadNet system is in charge of keeping an eye on the radiation levels of air, drinking water, pasteurized milk and precipitation all over the United States. The agency will improve its existing network with the addition of Hughes satellite broadband technology this year.


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