Hughes reveals speeds, price tags for HughesNet Gen 4 satellite broadband service

On the same day that its partner, Dish Networks, introduced the dishNET satellite broadband service, Hughes announced the upgraded speeds and price tags of its own HughesNet “Gen4” broadband Internet-from-satellite solution.

The company’s EchoStar XVII high-output Ka-band satellite successfully reached its assigned orbit last July. Hughes will leverage the new bandwidth’s vast capacities to provide three tiers of speeds and monthly data caps for HughesNet Gen4.

Power provides 10/1 Mbps download/upload speeds and a Data Allowance cap of 20 GB per month. It normally costs $60, but Hughes is issuing a special $50 promotion price. Next up is Power Pro, which doubles Power’s download speeds and adds 10 more GB to the monthly usage cap for an extra $20. Finally, for $100 a month, Power Max will provide upload speeds of 15 Mbps, download speeds of 2 Mbps, and a 40 GB usage cap per month.

These upgraded Internet-on-satellite services match those offered by its competitors Viasat and Exede. Another rival is Verizon, whose fixed long-term evolution (LTE) wireless broadband service Home Fusion offers users similar speeds and caps.

Hughes is also offering “bonus bytes” that can be used during off peak hours. In addition to the set Data Allowance, which can be used at anytime, each HughesNet Gen4 plan also comes with an equivalent amount of extra Data Allowance. These “Bonus Bytes” are a value-added feature of Gen4 Internet-on-satellite solutions, and can be accessed during 2 A.M. to 8 A.M., the off-peak, nighttime hours. When combined with HughesNet’s Download Manager tool offered alongside HughesNet, Bonus Bytes allows users to schedule large downloads during off-peak hours while preserving the normal Data Allowance for use during the day.


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